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Kindergartener Dropped Off at Wrong Bus Stop on First Day

5-Year-Old Faced Every Parent's Fear at Her Bus Stop on the First Day of School

A Kentucky mom faced her worst nightmare when her 5-year-old daughter didn't hop off the bus at her stop following her first day of kindergarten. Paige Allen watched as her daughter's bus stopped at the corner, dropped off a neighbor boy, then sped past her as panic started to build in her head.

Allen immediately called the school for information once the bus left, but it wasn't until about a half an hour later that she was reunited with her daughter and discovered what happened — she was dropped off a quarter of a mile away from her home because the bus driver told her it was her time to get off. "When he told her to get off the bus up there, that's exactly what she did," Allen told WFIE 14 News. "She listened to the adult, and in this situation, the adult was wrong."

As a result of this mix-up, the Union County School District will now make sure kindergarteners and first graders, who were already required to wear name tags with their bus number on them, have their addresses listed on their stickers as well.

If your child's school district doesn't have a name tag program, be sure to discuss all of the details of your family's bus stop with your child ahead of their first day of school for added confidence. Additionally, if time and policy allow, introduce yourself to your child's driver on the first day so that they can put your face to your child and the bus stop to avoid any potential drop-off confusion.

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