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Kraft to Change Macaroni and Cheese

Kraft Is Changing Its Classic Orange Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

If all your kid will eat is macaroni and cheese — judgment-free zone, we promise — it's likely that your pantry is lined with Kraft's iconic macaroni and cheese. But on the tail of having to recall some of its product, Kraft intends to make some changes, particularly to its classic orange coloring that we all know and love.

The company announced on Monday that starting early next year, it will be switching out the artificial colors and flavors in favor of natural alternatives such as paprika and turmeric. This change is coming at a time when consumers are more aware of the ingredients found in the foods they are buying their families, so even though your kids — and you, let's be honest — will miss those bright orange elbows, we're sure the new version will be just as delicious (and a little healthier).

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