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Lego Brick Sorting Vacuum

Lego Made a Gag Product For April Fools' — and Parents Are Pissed It Doesn't Already Exist

Lego is a beloved toy for most families — it fosters kids' imagination, promotes creative thinking, and encourages endless hours of independent play. But the brand's latest product "launch" felt like a tiny Lego brick to the bottom of the foot: in a well-timed April Fools' Day prank on Sunday, the company announced the VacuSort — a "revolutionary brick-sorting vacuum" that is not, in fact, "coming soon in 2018."

Turns out, the sleek-looking gadget — which touted an ability to sort bricks by color and shape and also separate out dust — was all just a funny gag that most sleep-deprived parents didn't get as they were preoccupied with negotiating tantrum-laden Easter egg hunts that morning. Lego has no plans to manufacture the five-speed vacuum.

Parents everywhere aren't taking no for an answer. They're demanding that Lego not only make the Lego vacuum of our dreams, but that they do it yesterday. Behold, the best reactions to the prank on Twitter ahead:

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