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Letting Boys Use Public Restrooms Themselves

Sign Outside Texas Mall Restroom Sparks Outrage Among Parents

A sign posted outside of the women's room at a Texas shopping mall is generating quite a bit of discussion after a mom posted a photo of it on the wall of her local Facebook group. The sign reads, "Boys over 6 years of age use men's restroom," and the mom asked group members what they thought of it. As expected, they haven't held back:

This was posted in a shopping mall. Thoughts? Photo credit: Oklahoma City Moms Blog

Posted by Rio Grande Valley Moms on Monday, March 9, 2015

The post includes comments such as, "I have no problem with a boy up to the age of 11 or so in the ladies' restroom as long as he's accompanied by a female relative. As a mom, you can't be too cautious. There are a lot of pervs out there," and, "I just started letting my son go to the men's room alone, and he is 12, but I stand outside. He knows all he has to do is yell, and I am busting in like The Incredible Hulk! He still doesn't have any sexual interest in women. He's too busy with his friends, who really aren't very interested in girls, either. I don't understand what the problem is. There's a stall. No one can see you in there fouling up the bathroom, and not cleaning up after yourself!"

There's no written law saying when kids should stop using public restrooms with parents of the opposite sex, but consensus of opinion seems to say that once they are tweens, it starts to become awkward for everyone involved.

Tell us, do you think 6 years old is too young for a child to use a public restroom by himself?

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