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Little Boy Bonds With Garbage Men

The Bond Between This 3-Year-Old and His Garbage Men Is Truly a Joy to Witness

Clinton toddler forms special bond with garbage men

We are SOBBING! How beautiful is this video?! "They're just friends, you know. They just know love and they know kindness. That's the great thing about this." Tuesdays on Rosemont Street in Mississippi are a big deal for 3-year-old Kyler as he knows he's got a smelly, important job to do! -->

Posted by WBRC FOX6 News on Thursday, March 1, 2018

Like many other young kids, Kyler of Clinton, MS, is infatuated with his garbage men. For the 3-year-old, Tuesday is the best day of the week because he gets to help out the hardworking men who collect garbage in his grandmother's neighborhood, and his bond with them is the sweetest thing to witness.

During an interview with Fox 6 News, one of the waste management workers, Clarence Weathersby, whom Kyler calls "Bug-Bug," explained how their friendship came to be. "It started one day we were coming down through here and his grandma had on an Alabama sweatshirt. I just told her 'Roll Tide,'" he said. Ever since they exchanged the common University of Alabama greeting, Kyler began waving to the men each week, and soon enough, waves turned into Kyler and his grandmother, Kathleen Reynolds, making Halloween and Christmas treats for the garbage collectors.

Now Kyler anxiously awaits their arrival every Tuesday morning with a bag of snacks in tow and ready to lend them a helping hand loading the trash into their big green trucks. If you're looking to brighten your week, watch Kyler and his pals interact in the adorable video above.

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