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Little Boy Donates Piggy Bank Savings to Mom

Boy Empties His Piggy Bank Because "Those Pretty Ladies Need Your Help More Than I Need Spider-Man"

Parker had been working hard doing chores to save his allowance for a new toy, so his mom was confused when she saw his empty piggy bank with a note that said, "Mommy" left on the counter after he went to school.

Turns out, this 6-year-old boy isn't the only one in the family who has been trying to raise money. At the same time, his mom, Shelby, was working to raise awareness and funds for polycystic ovary syndrome. After seeing her son's hard-earned dollar bills and change left for her, Shelby realized that Parker must've overheard her on the phone talking about a PCOS walk/run event that she was going to be participating in and how close she was to reaching her fundraising goals.

When Parker got home from school, this proud mom asked him why he left the money out and shared his tear-inducing answer on Instagram.

"I know it's not a lot, but you work hard too, mommy," Parker told her. "And those pretty ladies need your help more than I need Spider-Man."

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