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Little Girl Cuts Her Own Hair

This Girl Gives Herself a Truly Terrible Haircut on Camera, and That's Not Even Why We're Cringing

Sure, little kids do plenty of things that annoy you — they throw tantrums, they refuse veggies, and they resist your every attempt at potty training. But some of their mistakes are especially hard for parents to handle — particularly the ones that feel so permanent . . . so irreparable. Like, when you turn around for one second, and their permanent marker coloring project ends up on the wall. Or when they knock over the expensive vase you got as a wedding present. Or when they sneak away to the bathroom to cut off all their hair.

The latter is what one little girl did recently. Like a budding YouTube beauty blogger, she even gave herself a makeshift salon cape and videotaped every suspenseful snip of the scissor, even at one point adding upbeat, albeit confusing, commentary: "If you get the hairs on there straight because that's how she looks like."

If, while watching the 60-second video, you can't help but plead through the screen for her to stop, just imagine how her mom feels. You can actually hear her in the next room, carrying on a happy conversation, not yet realizing what she's about to witness.

Sure, that silly lipstick wipes off and hair does grow back, but this little lady will be rocking those pixie bangs for a while.

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