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Little Girl Hears Her Mother's Voice For the First Time

See How This Deaf 3-Year-Old Reacts to Hearing For the First Time

This may be the happiest happy dance we've ever seen! Three-year-old Kennedy Steele was born deaf. She was born without auditory nerves, meaning her brain could not process sound. So researchers at NYU's Langone Medical Center gave her an auditory brainstem implant, which, unlike cochlear implants, bypasses what's missing in her inner ear. Upon turning it on and hearing her mother's voice, the little girl stopped the game she was playing and danced in her seat. It is the sweetest dance you'll see all day!

"It's something I've been looking forward to for a long time," Kennedy's mom, Nickia, told CBS News. "My family is looking forward to getting to communicate better with her. That's been the most important thing."

Kennedy is one of the first children in the US to test this type of implant procedure, and doctors are happy with the results so far. They'll continue monitoring her for the next five years, and we're going to keep watching this video to put a smile on our faces!

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