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Luvs Parenting Emoji

The New Parenting Emoji Include 7 Different Versions of Poop, and They're All Amazing

Luvs Parenting Emoji
Image Source: Luvs

Sometimes, words just don't do justice to what a parent goes through on a daily basis. Thankfully, a custom emoji keyboard, created specifically for moms and dads, has been created to help fully express a massive diaper blowout or better communicate a toddler's public meltdown.

The "Momoji" keyboard — developed by Luvs as a way to offer diaper coupons and free to download from the Apple Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android devices — really does cover all the bases: at your disposal, you've got a handful of different poop emoji (because anyone with a newborn knows the one standard googly-eyed brown one isn't cutting it), and you can also alert your loved ones to the current mood of your little one, from happy to sassy to downright devilish, in a range of different skin tones, of course.

Just imagine a world where, instead of having to write out a shopping list for your partner, you can just text him a smattering of one of the more than 80 parent-approved emoji. Better yet, shoot him a message that includes the wine opener emoji and the breast pump emoji, and he'll get the hint that you're in desperate need of a night out.

Even expectant couples can get some use out of the roster — what better way to let your family know you're expecting than with the positive pregnancy test emoji?!

OK, sometimes it's still best to just make a phone call . . .

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