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Making New Year's Resolutions With Kids

The Top 10 New Year's Resolutions Parents Make and How Their Kids Kill Them

Resolutions are fun and exciting. They bring hope for change and improvement in the New Year. As a mother of three, I find it hard to even utter resolutions due to the chaotic nature of my life. If you have children, you know how hard it is to find the time for self improvement. Here are the top 10 resolutions parents make and my take on how children try to attack and foil said resolution.

Parent Resolution: I will stop yelling.

Kids Attack on Resolution: "I bet if I draw on this wall, Mom will scream like a lunatic. Anyone have a Sharpie? We can take turns drawing things."

Parent Resolution: I will lose weight.

Kids Attack on Resolution: "Mom, can you buy me these cookies and candy bars? They are on sale, and I think you have a coupon."

Parent Resolution: I will sleep more.

Kids Attack on Resolution: "Which one of us is going to pee the bed tonight and wake up mom to clean it up? Make sure to drink some extra water and sleep on the mattress without the rubber sheet."

Parent Resolution: I will exercise more.

Kids Attack on Resolution: "I want to ride my bike with you, and I will make sure to fall off at least 57 times while we are riding. I will cry and push my bike over so it is impossible for you to do any actual exercising."

Parent Resolution: I will go organic and cook all healthy meals.

Kids Attack on Resolution: "Mom! Why are you trying to kill us? This food is awful and smells funny. Its all green and scaly. Why do you want to ruin my life?"

Parent Resolution: I will drink less.

Kids Attack on Resolution: "MOM! He is HITTING ME! Tell him to STOP IT! I am so bored. We don't have anything to do. What are you doing? Can I have a snack? Are you listening to me?"

Parent Resolution: I will get out of debt.

Kids Attack on Resolution: "Mom, can I have a new PS4. Its only $450 and you get a free game. Plus I need new sneakers and a bike. Can we go out for dinner?"

Parent Resolution: I will rid my life of stress.

Kids Attack on Resolution: "Why do you have to work? You are always working. Can you take me to my friend's house after soccer? I need to go to the library. Please wash this shirt so I can wear it to school tomorrow."

Parent Resolution: I will travel.

Kids Attack on Resolution: "Mom, the teacher at school sent home a note that says there is an outbreak of lice and hand, foot, and mouth disease. What day is your cruise?"

Parent Resolution: I will volunteer at my children's school.

Kids Attack on Resolution: "Mom, Stacy said her mom said that you dress funny when you come to my class. She wants to know why you wear your pajamas outside of the house. She asked if you need help or something."

Stand strong. Resolutions are a good way to bring about change in your life. Children can cause a few hiccups in your plans, but stay the course. Just remember that each day brings a new opportunity for improvement. Instead of yelling at your child for drawing with a Sharpie on your wall, look at it as though they just created new wall art for everyone to enjoy. Even if it looks like a penis, you can call it modern impressionism.

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