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Man Abducts Kids on the Playground in Social Experiment

This Man Abducting Kids From a Playground Will Prompt You to Talk to Your Kids About Strangers

As a parent, you try to teach your child about safety and how important it is to avoid strangers, but are they listening? Do they really get it? Every parent's worst nightmare came to life through this social experiment, conducted by popular YouTube prankster JoeySalads. With his sweet little puppy in tow, Joey asks parents' permission to attempt to abduct their child from a playground to really test if they understand the danger associated with strangers.

At the beginning, all of the moms participating are confident that their child will run straight back to them if Joey were to approach them and start talking. He goes up to three different children with his dog, and once he has their trust, he asks them if they want to see his other puppies. He then "closes the deal" with a simple, "OK, let's go, take my hand," and the children leave with him to the absolute horror of their moms on the sidelines.

Joey closes the video with shocking statistics — that over 700 children are abducted every day — and comments in the description, "One Share can save a child." This video will give you the chills and get you thinking about how to approach talking to your kids about stranger danger.

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