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Man Delivers Baby at Home and Tells Birth Story on Twitter

This Shocking Birth Story Is Told Completely Over Twitter, and It Will Have You in Hysterics

The thought of an emergency delivery probably crosses every pregnant woman's mind at least once, and though it's unlikely, What to Expect When You're Expecting includes a chapter about it just in case. Luckily for Aniyia Williams, she read that section and knew to send her husband, Marco Rogers, to go find the book when the couple found themselves having to unexpectedly deliver their baby girl at home earlier this month (yes, you read that right).

What happens next is an amazing, epic, and hilarious tale of how their daughter Noemi entered the world. Thanks to Twitter, you can read that story yourself straight from the new parents, whose faces appear in the dictionary next to "Power Couple."

Hold on tight, people.

Marco goes on to explain that Aniyia really wanted to have a natural birth. Her doctors supported that and recommended that she labor at home for most of the process.

Marco explains that the couple was using an app called Full Term to both time the contractions and rate their intensity on a scale of one to five, five being the strongest.

Marco makes a call to the hospital — the second of the day — to see if they thought it was time for the couple to go have the baby yet.

This is where Marco's story begins to get a little scary but somehow hysterical at the same time. Aniyia gets into the bathtub to ease some of the labor pain.

This is the point where Aniyia starts to share her perspective on her own Twitter account.

The couple is frantic at this point, trying to gather their things and get into the car to drive 20 minutes to the hospital.

But then, PLOT TWIST:

By this time, Marco has found What to Expect, praying it will give him all of the answers, and Aniyia has gotten herself to the bedroom.

Marco's father-in-law, who was on a 911 call during all of this, hands the phone to Marco.

Then finally, Noemi spits up some fluid and lets out a huge wail. The EMTs finally arrive — about time! — and take over the situation.

And that's a wrap, folks.

You can read the incredible full story — all 120-odd tweets between them! — on Twitter.

Image Source: Twitter user polotek
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