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Man's Video Spoof on Giving Kids Uncommon Names

This Comedian Made a Video on What Roll Call Is Like When You Give Kids Unique Names, and LOL

Roll Call in 10 Years

Roll Call in 10 Years

Posted by Trey Kennedy on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

As someone who has a very uncommon name, I'm used to all types of comments about how people thought I was a boy before they met me, or how they once had a dog who shared my moniker. Since I'm someone who can laugh at myself, I take immense joy in Trey Kennedy's latest video that pokes fun at parents who give their kids especially unique names.

In the clip titled "Roll Call in 10 Years," the comedian goes through the list of class names, and has some rather colorful comments about what parents down the line will call their children. From noticing that moms and dads are throwing additional Xs in traditional spellings or discovering that people are giving their little ones first names like "Lake," "Meadow," and "Moon," all I can say is I'm 100 percent dying at my desk right now.

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