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Mariah Carey's Son Puts a Plastic Bag Over His Head

Mariah Carey Pauses Concert to Tell Her Son With a Plastic Bag on His Head to "Never Do That"

The opportunities to teach our kids valuable life lessons can come at any time and in any situation. For Mariah Carey and her 7-year-old son, one of those moments came right in the middle of one of the mom's shows between lines of "Always Be My Baby." The singer had her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, on stage with her at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and enlisted their help to hand out items from large plastic bags.

In the video, Moroccan gives one fan in the front row a t-shirt, then heads back to his mom at center stage. Then, as Mariah plays with his hair and begins singing again, the young boy gets curious about what's at the bottom of the bag and puts it over his head.

"Uh-oh," Mariah says, as she reaches for the bag and nervously laughs. "Never do that!"

Although she keeps singing after that, she stays close to Moroccan and keeps her hand on the bag. The video cuts after that, but we'd bet that the mom likely had another conversation with him after the show to let him know how dangerous it is to put a plastic bag over your head. But considering she was in front of a giant room of fans, she did a pretty great job defusing the moment. Moms are, after all, the queens of multitasking.

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