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Marie Kondo Packing a Suitcase

This Video of Marie Kondo Packing a Suitcase Will Make You Rethink All the Junk You Normally Take on Vacay

If you've ever gone on vacation and overpacked, you know how frustrating the experience can be upon arriving when you open your bag to find everything crumpled. We've all made efforts to kick this bad habit to the curb, but still, there's a big difference between shoving stuff in packing cubes, and packing a suitcase correctly. In this video shot for Apartment Therapy last year, organizing luminary Marie Kondo shows us how to fix a messy suitcase. She starts by taking everything out, creating order, folding each item as tiny as possible, and then repacking it. I don't even have any upcoming travel plans but I'm tempted to book something just so I can try this.

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