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Marine Surprises His Little Brother

This Video of a Young Boy Being Surprised Will Make You Cry All of the Happy Tears

Videos of military members surprising their families are always moving, but this one got us real good. Tyler, the young boy in the video, immediately has suspicions over why he's being recorded — he just wants to go to the movie he seems to have been promised. He could have never guessed that his older brother Nick, a United States Marine, was waiting through the door behind him, ready to surprise his little brother.

As soon as Nick speaks, Tyler visibly goes through a million emotions, hiding his face in his "my brother is a marine" shirt — wardrobe choice totally unplanned, obviously — before giving Nick a huge hug. Their older brother Josh filmed the surprise from the opposite direction before joining in with the kisses and hugs, and it's so touching.

Watch to see the beautiful display of brotherly love — but first, grab a box of tissues.

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