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Marjory Stoneman Douglas Student's Poem About Shooting

Girl Who Lost a Friend in Parkland Shooting — on Her Birthday — Wrote a Gut-Wrenching Poem About It

A Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student named Sam Deitsch survived the Parkland, FL, school shooting, which took place on her 15th birthday, but one of her friends didn't. In a beautifully written, gut-wrenching poem, Sam shared her experience in her own words, and it deserves your attention. Sam's brother Matt shared the poem on Twitter, writing, "My sister turned 15 the day of the shooting. She has had a hard time finding her voice in all of this and asked me to share this poem with you." The tweet has 50,000 "likes" and counting.

The poem is eight stanzas long and starts with Sam's perspective at the beginning of the day with her "daily routine" and ends with a glimpse at how she's coping. Not only did Sam live through the terrifying moments when the shooter was in the building, but she also lost her friend, Jaime Guttenberg, one of the 17 who died. Part of the poem reads:

Still without knowing if it's just a drill
Hiding in the closet as our nerves fill
I receive a text from my mom "are you okay?"
That's the moment I knew this isn't a normal birthday

As I turn on the news with my palms all sweaty
I see my friend is missing, Jaime Guttenberg
I Frantically start typing a text to her.
I have some hope sending "Are you Okay???"
Less than one minute later my hope faded away

Marie Claire spoke to Jaime's father, Fred Guttenberg, who shared that he is "dedicating the rest of my life to gun violence" for his daughter. Read Sam's emotional poem in full above.

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