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MedCottage Tiny House For Elderly Parents

The "Granny Pod" Lets Your Elderly Parents Move in Without Setting Foot in Your House

MedCottage Tiny House For Elderly Parents
Image Source: MEDCottage

Most families have had to tiptoe around that difficult conversation of what they'd agree to do with an ailing, elderly parent. We might not want to see our aging moms, dads, or in-laws living alone or in a nursing home, but the alternative — having them move into a spare bedroom or the basement of our own house — has its own complications.

Thankfully, if you're concerned about a new roommate but have enough cash and yard space, a "granny pod" can serve as the ultimate compromise.

This particular tiny home, known as MedCottage, is set up to serve as a portable hospital room — complete with hand railings, remote monitoring, lighted floorboards, soft tile floors to minimize damage from falls, and a fully stocked first-aid cabinet. The small cottage is roughly 12 by 24 feet, which is enough space for a bed, sitting area, kitchenette, and spacious bathroom. And pending zoning regulations, it can be installed right next to your house. In fact, it's hooked up to the main home's existing power, water, and sewer lines!

The catch? They cost between $85,000 and $125,000.

Then again, when comparing that cost to years of nursing home fees, it might just be the most cost-effective option of them all. That is, aside from having your mother-in-law move into your guest room . . . but we all have our limits!

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