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Meet Zeta Angry Birds 2 Trailer

Meet The Angry Birds Movie 2's Zeta, a Hilarious Villain Who May End Up Being Our Favorite Bird

Ice, ice, baby! On the tails of the hilarious animated feature film that came out in 2016, the Angry Birds are back with a sequel this coming Summer, and our new favorite character may just be the fabulous and hysterical villain Zeta. The purple-feathered grump, voiced by Leslie Jones, appears to be stuck living on a "frozen, seal-infested island" . . . but she has zero chill about it. After attempting to brush her teeth with ice cubes and trying to break a fish out of a chunk of ice only to have it be stolen by an adorable seal, Zeta fires a giant ice ball in frustration at Bird Island, where our other favorite flightless Angry Birds are.

Winter is coming, amirite? Above, watch the hilarious teaser for The Angry Birds Movie 2, which comes out Aug. 16, and meet our girl Zeta!

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