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Michigan Mom Goes to Jail For Not Vaccinating Son

A Michigan Mom Faces Jail Time For Not Vaccinating Her Son, and We Don't Hate It

Rebecca Bredow says she would rather go to jail than get her son vaccinated — and that's exactly what's going to happen if she doesn't comply with the court order by next week.

"I would rather sit behind bars standing up for what I believe in, than giving in to something I strongly don't believe in," Bredow said in an interview with ABC News.

After choosing not to have her youngest son vaccinated because of how the shots are grouped together, her pro-vaccine ex-husband took her to court to settle the matter. "I feel angry. I feel backed into a corner. I feel like my rights as a parent have been taken away," she said. "Why automatically side with the father that wants the vaccines? What about my choice as a mother?"

Bredow said she read up on vaccination literature online and opted to go the waiver route to delay her son's vaccines, which is legal in the state of Michigan. Parents are still allowed to pass on getting their kids vaccinated for religious, personal, and medical exemptions, but in this instance it may be up to an Oakland judge. If the mother of two ends up behind bars, it's unclear how long she'll actually be locked up.

And word to the wise: doing research on the internet doesn't turn people into qualified medical experts, so ask a legitimate doctor before making any big, potentially life-threatening decisions for your child.

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