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Minnie Mouse Pool Float From Primark March 2019

This Pink-Striped Minnie Mouse Pool Float From Primark Is So Damn Cute — It Even Has a Bow!

Goodbye, 700-square-foot apartment; I have a new home for the Summer, and she's, well, mobile. Spotted on the @shop_disney_spots Instagram page, the account's owner, Danielle, shared a photo of the most adorable pool float I've ever seen — a pink striped Minnie Mouse swim ring, complete with ears and a green polka-dotted bow (which will act as the perfect pillow while you're floating on it). Basically, we're obsessed, our kids are going to go crazy over it, and we know that our Summer Instagrams are about to get much more Disney-fied.

The bad news? The float's from Primark, and Primark doesn't ship its products. However, there are Primark stores all through the UK, Ireland, and Europe, and a few peppered around the US. The good news if you can get your hands on one of these pastel cuties? It's less than $14 when converted from the 12-Euro price sticker on the box.

So you may have to really search high and low for this float if you don't have a Primark location near you, but it seems like it'll be worth it for all the Minnie lovers in your life. Hurry up, Summer — this float isn't going to lounge on itself!

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