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Missing Firsts in Your Child's Life

It May Seem Like a Small Thing, but I Call It a Stolen Mommy Moment

If you're a parent and have ever missed one of your child's "firsts," then you will absolutely be able to relate to this post originally featured on The Washington Post.

What do you do when a mommy moment is stolen from you? When something you've been looking forward to doing with your child is done by someone else instead?

Part of being a parent is getting excited for all of the "firsts." We eagerly anticipate the day when our little ones ride their first bike, when we take our daughters to their first movie in the theater, or any other milestone — big or small — that is significant to us. In addition to these memories staying with us for a lifetime, our children will always remember that mommy was there too.


Except that sometimes, these moments occur without mommy.

Sometimes it's just an unfortunate case of bad timing. Like when my daughter took her first steps while I was at a work meeting. It was no one's fault but gut-wrenching nonetheless.

Other instances, however, are different. It's often the small things that hurt the most — the ones that outsiders would easily overlook as being important to a mom.

Head over to The Washington Post to read the full article!

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