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Mom Challenges Husband to Pregnancy Workout

Mom Did a "Pregnancy Workout Challenge" With Her Husband, and Spoiler Alert: She Won

At 37-weeks pregnant, Anna Strode still manages to squeeze in an impressive 20 minutes of exercise a few times each week. The fitness guru behind the widely followed Instagram account bubs2bikinis, Anna regularly shares videos of her workout routines with her baby bump proudly displayed. Whereas she typically does these exercises alone or with her kids nearby, she recently decided to switch things up by bringing her husband in front of the camera for a good old-fashioned workout challenge. Spoiler alert: Anna totally put him to shame, and it's pretty hilarious.

For the purposes of the challenge, the mother of two (and soon to be three!) strapped a 6 kg medicine ball to her husband's abdomen to mimic being pregnant. "His response as soon as we taped the weighted ball to him was 'OH OUCH, this really hurts your back hey," she explained in the caption of her Instagram post. Hah!

When the couple got down to business, they started with kettle bell squats and then moved onto a dumbbell exercise. Throughout the video, it's pretty obvious her hubby is on the struggle bus, as he's going through the motions a lot slower than she is. When the couple gets to their third exercise β€” jumping squats β€” the medicine ball ends up detaching from his belly and their challenge comes to an end, with Anna reigning victorious.


After sharing the video on social media, Anna told the Daily Mail about her husband's reaction to the challenge. "He actually found it really difficult, awkward, and uncomfortable, and said numerous times 'oh my back hurts,'" she said. Aaaand that's why women have babies, not men. We rest our case.

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