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Mom Cries as Daughter Hears Sound For the First Time

Mom Sobs as Her Daughter Hears Sound For the Very First Time, and Now We're Crying

One-year-old Ayla had never heard sound before her cochlear implant was activated in June, and though her immediate reaction to hearing a noise was adorable, her mom's reaction has us all crying. At the beginning of a now-viral video posted by Cook Children's Health Care System, Ayla can be seen sitting on her mom's lap. As soon as the toddler hears something, she brings her hand to her right ear, and a huge smile breaks out on her face, and mom, Anna Esler, instantly starts sobbing.

"I thought she would probably cry and scream when her CIs were activated — and she did do that later when it became overwhelming — but to see her hearing sound and enjoying it was just incredible," Anna told the hospital. "She's already responding positively — sometimes she turns to sounds (which she had never done before), she dances to music, she's starting to calm down when we sing to her if she's upset. We really couldn't be more thankful for the new opportunities our little girl has thanks to everyone in her life."

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