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Mom Dancing to "Swalla" at 9 Months Pregnant

See the Insane Hip-Hop Dance Routine That Helped This Mom Go Into Labor

It's no secret that dancing can help induce labor, but one pregnant woman just put every dancing mama to shame with the most amazing hip-hop dance routine at 9 months pregnant. Issabella Mensah-Kumah recently shared a video she recorded before welcoming her son in April, and honestly, she has better moves while pregnant than we do not pregnant.

Mensah-Kumah totally broke it down to the song "Swalla" by Jason Derulo featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. While many people assume that at 9 months, women are just in bed preparing to give birth, she proved that you can still exercise and do what you love. . . and it might just induce labor!

"I made this video on a Thursday, went into labour on the Saturday and gave birth on Monday 24/04/17, so basically 5 days before I gave birth to baby Nathan," she captioned the video above. "Exercising/dancing is one of the best things to do to prepare for labour. I'm happy I made several dance videos during my pregnancy and it helped me a lot."

Who knew pregnancy could be so fun?!

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