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Mom Delivers Baby Girls Every Leap Day

You're Not Going to Believe This New Mom's Luck When It Comes to Delivering Babies

One new mom has a very special leap day tradition — delivering baby girls!

After giving birth to her daughter Alyssa on leap day in 2008, the Minnesota mom welcomed her daughter Janessa four years later and just 10 hours before leap day 2012. This year, Meagan Erickson stuck to tradition and let her birthday girls know that they were headed to the hospital for another leap day baby.

"I spend leap days in the hospital having babies. Three leap days in a row now," Meagan said.

Now, Alyssa shares the special day with her youngest sister. Meagan and her husband, Chris, said they typically celebrate their daughters' birthdays on Feb. 28 and March 1 during non-leap years.

"It's definitely a topic of conversation," Meagan said. "We get a lot of questions like, how does it work? What's her real birthday? Well, it's 2/29, that's what her driver's license will say. That's what her birth certificate says, we just can't always celebrate it on that day."

The proud parents also have a son and feel that their family is complete after the addition of their latest leap day daughter.

"Father's Day seems to be a good day at home for us," Chris said of that holiday that falls roughly nine months before late February. "I never thought we'd have one, let alone two, almost three on the same day."

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