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Mom Fashion Parody Video

You Can't Look Away From This Video Chronicling a Full Day of Embarrassingly Accurate Mom Clothes

Remember that "100 Years of Fashion in 2 Minutes" video that went viral this Summer? Oh, you don't because you're a mom?

You're not alone. For many parents, that original YouTube hit — which showed a model being dressed in garments from every decade since 1915 — has one too many barriers to entry to warrant a viewing. First, it's about fashion — a topic many new moms try to forget about completely, or at least until they can fit into any decent item in their closet. Next, it was two-and-a-half minutes long! Who has that kind of free time? And finally, the video included two stylists helping the model in and out of her period frocks. And it just seems cruel to throw that in the face of a woman who barely has time to dress herself because she's buttoning her baby's seventh onesie of the day.

So, for all those moms who just can't muster up the energy to enjoy 100 years of fashion, how about just 24 hours of mom fashion?

In this hilarious parody video, Jessi Sanfilippo kicks things off with early-morning Spanx followed by a hidden-sweatpants video conference call ensemble followed by plenty more "looks" all moms have worn, embarrassed or not, out of the house. Plus, we just love that her two stylists also struggle with zipping up her skinny jeans. But seriously, where is everyone getting these black-clothed stylists? Can we pick some up at Target? Anyone?

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