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Mom Finds Out Her Baby Is Named After an Ex-Girlfriend

What Would You Do If You Found Out Your Baby Was Named After an Ex-Girlfriend?

What would you do if you found out that the name you just gave to your newborn baby also belonged to your partner's longtime love?

It's hard to imagine such a thing ever happening — surely you and your partner had shared enough details about past relationships to know any names that are instant red flags, and nearly every parent-to-be has used veto power to nix a name idea they weren't comfortable with.

But for one woman, the realization that her 4-week-old daughter may have been named after her fiancé's unrequited crush was a complete shock.

In a recently resurfaced Reddit post, the 30-year-old mom shared her story and the upsetting history of her baby Claire's name:

Not once in the two years we've been together has he ever mentioned having feelings for her or them having any history together. He always told me she was just a friend of his and nothing else, but now I know that's not true. I'm just now finding out that he has apparently had a crush on her for years, and they even slept together once or twice in the past. I found all of this out from his sister-in-law earlier this week. She came up to visit . . . and she at one point told me that their whole family was surprised we chose that name for our daughter. I asked her what she meant, and she mentioned something about it being a name with a lot of history for my fiancé. I still had no idea what she meant, so I asked her to explain. She then revealed that the name was the same one that my fiancé's crush has. Apparently Kaitlyn is just what everyone calls my fiancé's crush, including my fiancé, but Claire is her given name.

To make things worse, the name we chose for our daughter was initially suggested by my fiancé . . . I can't help but think that it is a tribute to Kaitlyn. I wonder if he would even be with me if he could be with her.

The mom wrote that when she asked him why he even suggested the name Claire, he denied doing it on purpose.

"So here we are," she added. "I'm stuck with a name for my daughter that now reminds me that my fiancé lied to me and may not even love me as much as his crush."

Commenters, however, don't feel as if she has to be stuck. Many shared personal stories of their own name changes following similar revelations. As one advised: "Her name is not set in stone. At four weeks old, she doesn't know her name. Explain to him that you no longer feel comfortable with the name choice and figure out a way to go about changing it."

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What Would You Do If This Happened to You?
Keep it. I'd try to move on and not associate the name with anyone but my child.
Change it. There's no way I could go my whole lifetime with such an upsetting reminder.
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