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Mom's Funny Rant About Facebook Memories

You'll Crack Up Over This Mom's Rant About Facebook Resurfacing Old Memories

Facebook's On This Day feature lets you look back on some of your favorite memories, acting as your personal highlight reel — but maybe that's not always such a good thing. Meredith, the blogger behind That's Inappropriate, shared her hilarious take on the social media feature's effect on parents. After Facebook bubbled up an old picture of her son, she started daydreaming about those early days. "My uterus was crying and skipping a beat and thinking all these things," she joked. "All of these illogical, unreasonable things like, 'You could do it again, girl! Oh girl, you can do it. Look how cute that baby is. You know that you could have another baby just as cute as that. It wasn't that bad!'"

And then, of course, she remembered that she's "driven to the brink of insanity" every day by her three children. "I would like to know how many babies Facebook TimeHop is responsible for," she said, referring to the app that highlights old memories. "I'd like to know how many people share out a Facebook TimeHop of some adorable thing their child did years ago and then end up knocked up. I'd like some stats on that."

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