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Mom Gets Run Over to Save Her Children's Lives

You Won't Believe the Incredible Sacrifice That This Mom Made For Her Children

Get your tissues ready, because this video that Anna and Chloe Veron made their mom for Mother's Day in 2012 is going to hit you right in the feelings. Though it's simple — the girls take turns holding pieces of paper with written text, one of which reads, "we want to tell you a story about our mom," — it's powerful. It starts off with a little bit of background about the girls and their little brother, their parents, and the type of life they had. Then they go on to explain that while on vacation in 1999, an unthinkable accident turned their happy, normal lives completely upside down.

Without giving away the entire video, we'll just tell you that Anna and Chloe's mom is a hero. She made a selfless and completely heart-wrenching sacrifice for her three children that changed all of their lives forever, and these girls want their mama to know just how much they appreciate that sacrifice and how much they love her every single day. They definitely make their point by the end of the video and will give you chills as they do it.

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