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This Hilarious Mom Gets Stuck in a Pair of Jeggings and Decides She'll Have to Just "Live and Die in Them"

The foul-mouthed mom behind Knee Deep in Life who got stuck in a pair of Spanx earlier this year is back with some very relatable retail woes. After going into a store and trying on a pair of jeggings that fit her, she returned the following day to purchase a different pair in the same size. Common sense told her that the jeans should fit — they were the same size — but oh was she wrong.

In a new video she shared, she described the process of trying to get the pants on as "two pigs fighting to get in a plastic bag," and just as you've finished crying over her antics, she miraculously gets the pants on! Will she ever get them off? According to her, she'll be living and dying in them.

The struggle is real, and we applaud her!

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