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Mom's Hack to Save For a Disney Vacation

This Mom's Hack to Save For a Disney Vacation Is SO Easy

For most parents, taking the kids to Disney is the trip of a lifetime. Saving the money for the said vacation, however, is certainly far less magical. But recently, a mom of two from New Jersey named Tracey Waters shared how she gets the whole family involved in saving for Disney by using a shadowbox — and it's genius!

"After I went to Disney a few years ago, my daughter Emma asked if we could go again," Tracey told POPSUGAR. "So my husband and I told her we have to save money. We explained to her early on during the 'I want this' conversations during shopping trips that everything costs money: the toys you get, the food you eat, the shoes you want. We also told her that a Disney trip would cost a lot of money for our family of four to go, so saving is important."

Rather than leaving the conversation at that, Tracey opted to get Emma involved in the saving process, and it's certainly paid off.

"I decorated a shadowbox so the kids can take out change and 'put it in the Disney bucket,'" said Tracey. "You can see the bills in there, but we wrap the change — I just wrapped another $315! — that gets converted over." Emma, in particular, is very passionate about the saving project. "She's been putting all her birthday, Christmas, Tooth Fairy, and Easter money in the Disney bucket to help the family so we can all go together."

As for making the adorable keepsake? Well, it's pretty dang easy! "It's a $4 shadow box and I used metallic black and red paint, a Disney sticker, and one sheet of scrap paper for the back," she said. "It's so easy and takes no time to do!" What a great way to teach kids about the art of saving, right?!

Image Sources: Newsletter Image: Flickr user harshlight and Tracey Waters
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