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Mom Hip-Hop Dancing at 27 Weeks Pregnant

You've Never Seen Anyone More Fierce Than This Pregnant Woman Hip-Hop Dancing at 27 Weeks

Staying active during pregnancy is different for every mama-to-be, and Christina Litle, photographer and dance teacher, is showing the world what it looks like to be an active mom of two at 27 weeks pregnant through an epic hip-hop dance.

Litle posted a video to Facebook back in October — which has been viewed over 600,000 times — of her and the dance class she teaches doing an intricate routine. Originally, the video had a short caption explaining that she's been teaching dance at Napa High in California for 11 years and that this was likely her last performance before having her baby, but she was forced to add information the next day after some negative comments.

"Let me preface this video with, I've danced my whole life, and it is COMPLETELY safe to maintain the level of activity your body is used to while pregnant. I'm not hurting my baby. . . . For those who insist they 'know' I was in pain doing this and hurting myself, this didn't 'hurt' in the least and I wasn't 'injured' after doing this dance. This is my third baby, and I taught dance up to nearly delivering with both of my daughters. They came out healthy and perfect. I do what I know my body can handle. I'm pregnant . . . not disabled."

Further, Litle told People, "There's really no reason not to get out there and boogie. You're not going to cause shaken baby syndrome by hip-hop dancing." That's one way to address the haters! Watch the video to see Litle and her unborn bundle of joy totally crush the mind-blowing dance routine.

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