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Mom's Parenting Tombstone Halloween Decorations

This Mom's Tombstone Decorations Are the Scariest Things I've Seen as a Parent All Year

This is really in front of our house. It’s the realest and scariest thing I’ve seen this year 😂

Posted by Salty Mermaid Entertainment on Thursday, October 25, 2018

To get in the Halloween spirit, mom of three Jennifer Harrell Scott decided to add a few last-minute decorations to her home in Nashville.

She plopped four tombstones on her front lawn and then taped across the front a few things that she's likely long buried — like, ahem, sleep, money, free time, and, you know, her sanity.

"This is really in front of our house," she wrote in a caption to the photo on her Salty Mermaid Entertainment Facebook page. "As a parent, I'm trying to be more realistic with my approach this year."

Realistic, yes. The scariest thing I've seen — as a fellow cash-strapped, sleep-deprived, mildly insane parent — this Halloween? Oh, for sure.

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