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Mom Pays For Stranger's Starbucks in Honor of Late Child

Why 1 Woman Desperately Needed to Find the Stranger Who Paid For Her Starbucks

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who shared my post. Hannah's Loved Ones found me. She was a friend of Hannah's mom. Hannah...

Posted by Katie Bean on Friday, November 3, 2017

In honor of her late daughter's third birthday, Hannah's mom wrote a note signed "Hannah's Loved Ones," slipped it in an envelope marked "In honor of sweet Hannah," and pulled through a Starbucks drive-thru, where she paid for the order of the stranger behind her, leaving the note for the employee to hand to the woman along with her order. Little did Hannah's mom know, that stranger, Katie Kavetsky, had lost her father just days before, and desperately needed that note more than she ever needed the coffee she went to Starbucks for in the first place.

In a heartfelt post to Facebook written to Hannah's mom, Katie shared what that act of kindness meant to her in the hope that her thank you could eventually reach Hannah's mom through social media.

I lost my dad on Friday. And of all the days since I lost him, today was one of the hardest mornings without him. This morning I struggled to start my day, and thought a Starbucks would do me well, and then I was surprised with your kindness. I don't know who you are, or what you believe, but I truly believe that this morning, my dad and your little girl found each other in heaven and they wanted us to connect. My dad left my mom, my two sisters, and my two nephews who he loved more than anything behind. And I know, if he met a little girl up there, he would treat her like his own grandchild and love her until one day when you meet again. I feel as though this was a message from him letting me know there is still good in this world and it'll be OK.

Thank you for your act of kindness, for the free coffee, but even more, thank you for making me feel my dad was here today, for touching my heart in a way you never knew you could.

Katie initially wrapped up her note unsure if it'd ever get to Hannah's mom, but knew that the pair would "always have a connection through our loved ones watching over us." Then, through all of the shares on her post, a friend of Hannah's mom found Katie's post, and Katie and the mom were able to connect.

In an update to her original post, Katie shared more information about Hannah's mom and shared a sweet sentiment with anyone who the post has reached: "In a world where there has been so much tragedy, I hope this random act of kindness reached those who need it most. There is still good in the world, and we all need to hear about it more. Thank you again to Hannah's Loved Ones."

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