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Mom's Post About Embracing Stretch Marks

Mom of 5 Opens Up About the 1 Thing It Took to Finally Embrace Her Stretch Marks

Like many other moms, Sharny's road to accepting her stretch marks was a long and winding one. In a recent Instagram post, the fitness author and mother of five opened up about what it took for her to finally embrace those lines, and it's exactly what all mamas need to read right now, especially with bathing suit season upon us.

Sharny started by explaining how she initially hid her stretch marks at all costs, often turning down beach-related plans with friends or wearing a t-shirt and board shorts instead of a bikini as a last resort. But that all changed when she overheard her husband telling his friends why he thought stretch marks were actually "beautiful" and something to be proud of. "They were a sign of being a woman," she wrote in the caption. "They are a result of the great love a mother has, that she would scar her own body to bring a child to life . . . on and on he explained and the more he talked, the more I got it."

She went on to describe how she soon completely changed her outlook on stretch marks, realizing her body wasn't "ruined" or "disgusting," but rather that those marks were a sign of her transition from "a selfish girl's body into a selfless mother's body." And that newly amended perspective is exactly what spurred her to jump-start a fitness journey that landed her "the body [she] had always dreamed of." She wrote:

The craziest thing was that when I started to love myself for what I had now, the body I had now, I began to treat myself better. I WANTED to eat healthy. I WANTED to exercise, I WANTED to do the things I loved. Just by changing the way I looked at myself with love and pride instead of hate, I had found the effortless motivation to care for my body. Because of this tiny little shift in mindset, magic happened . . . I got the body I had always dreamed of. The bikini body that I thought was not ever going to be possible for me after being covered in stretch marks, it has became a reality for me. It started though, with me loving myself first. Being grateful for what I had, not wishing for something better.

We couldn't agree more with Sharny's words of wisdom and will definitely be using this as motivation to say "f*ck it" and proudly wear that two-piece swimsuit this Summer.

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