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Mom Puts Baby in Trunk of Car

Mom Skips the Car Seat and Places Her Baby in the Trunk

Car trunks are a great place to store your child's sports equipment, schoolbags, and snacks — not your actual child. But that didn't occur to Breona Synclair Watkins, who was arrested this week for driving with her 5-month-old baby in the trunk of her car. Sheriffs initially pulled the 19-year-old mother over for driving with a burned-out headlight. When they arrived at the car, they heard crying coming from the trunk and opened it to discover Watkins's baby lying alongside a tire iron, plastic CD cases, and a used gas can.

Watkins told officers she placed the baby in the trunk so that she wouldn't be ticketed for driving without a car seat. But we're guessing she'd prefer that to her actual charges. Watkins was arrested on charges of child abuse, resisting an officer, driving without a license, and failure to have a child restraint. She was also held at the Broward County Jail overnight. Let's hope she went to the store and bought a car seat the next day.

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