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Mom's Rant About Gendered Clothing

This Mom's Viral "Rant" About Kids' Clothing Makes a Very Important Point

Jamie Stelter, a reporter and mom with a 2-year-old daughter named Sunny, has a bone to pick with clothing stores that cater to children. In a recent rant she posted to Instagram, Jamie explained how sick and tired she is of having to go to the boys section to find clothes for her daughter. After all, not every little girl likes her shirts pink and covered in ponies and glitter.

"MOM RANT. I just bought these super cute traffic PJs for Sunny from the little boys department of Gap but WHY WHY WHY are they not also in the girls department?!" she wrote. "Cause they're blue? Cause they have cars on them? Cause only little boys can like blue and cars?"

And she might have a point when it comes to the common colors and styles of clothing that populate the boys and girls sections, respectively.

"I am so over everything for girls being pink and unicorns and saying 'I'm awesome' and everything for boys being fun prints in bold colors. This is (sadly) not new and (sadly) not just the Gap but what are we telling girls — mine is not even 2 years old yet — that this is what they should and shouldn't wear?! Why are there even separate boys and girls departments at this young age?! Please tell me I'm not alone in my mom rage."

Here's to hoping we get a little more variety in the boys and girls department ASAP. Or hey, a combined children's section wouldn't hurt, either!

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