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Mom's Reaction to Toddler Destroying Makeup

Mom Shares the Aftermath of Leaving Her Toddler Alone For "1 Second"

Toddlers are like mini Houdinis, except instead of getting out of situations quickly, they get into them in the blink of an eye. One mom learned the hard way what happens when you "turn your back for one second" on a toddler, but her reactions are so priceless, that even though we feel bad for her, we can't stop laughing. Capri Quiles shared multiple videos on Facebook to share the aftermath of leaving her son alone for the shortest amount of time near her beloved makeup collection. In the videos, her little one is seen covered from head to toe in various eye shadows with a bewildered look on his face as his mom screams, "How did this happen?!" and "WHY?!" over and over.

RIP all of her beautiful eye shadow palettes, but LOL #toddlerlife.

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