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Mom's Response to Unexpected Visit From Neighbors

Mom's Hilarious Over-the-Top Freak Out After Neighbors Unexpectedly Visit While She's Braless

We are EASILY the most awkward family in our neighborhood, Haha! But we WANT to fit in- tell us how you would’ve handled this situation...

Posted by Nicole Walters on Friday, January 5, 2018

Nicole Walters, the hilarious "functional hot mess" mom who made the internet collectively laugh when she hid from the neighborhood moms at the bus stop, is back at it with another over-the-top story about what happened when the neighbors rang her doorbell unexpectedly after 8 p.m. one Friday night. In a video posted to Facebook, Nicole, alongside her husband and two high school-aged daughters, recounts the experience, which she says was "a mixture of joy and utter mortification."

"Listen, I need everybody to come in," Nicole, who says she was recovering from a three-day cold and hadn't been wearing deodorant during that time period (no judgment), starts the video. "Because we have got to come together as a community to have this conversation. I have my kids here with me because we just went through this together. I need my husband to come here; now here's the thing: my husband, of course, is of the lighter and brighter persuasion and we feel like it's a cultural thing. I feel like we're approaching life differently and I wanted to have this conversation publicly with all of America, because I felt like we all need to collectively decide, and because he seems unfazed by what just happened."

Nicole's husband agrees that he was completely unfazed by the neighbors' visit (which by this point, she hadn't even mentioned was the reason for her freak out), but according to Nicole and her kids, they — and the dog! — were very affected by what they experienced.

"Y'all. Can I tell you what just happened?" she says. "We just had a neighbor stop over at our house after 8 — just to say hello . . . I'm recovering. This is suburbia for you. Listen, the trauma, the trauma. I didn't even have a wig on . . . I don't have a bra on, I didn't have a bonnet on, I didn't have Chapstick on, my face was ashy. But here's the thing: I like it. I like that a neighbor could just pop in."

The family continues, remembering what happened over the course of the previous 45 minutes and simultaneously cringing and laughing. Finally, after nearly 10 minutes of hysterical back and forth, they decide they should plan a surprise retaliation visit to their neighbors before they leave to fly to Boston the next morning ("Maybe we do the reverse of what they did — we show up at 7:30 a.m., and then we're like, 'We wanted to wake you up with some doughnuts and potatoes . . . breakfast in bed!'").

All we can do now is rewatch this video too many times (I literally watched it three times in a row, tears streaming) and wait to see if there's ever a response video outlining their sneak attack visit.

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