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Mom Shares Viral Video About Sexual Abuse

Why This Mom's Facebook Message About Sexual Abuse Has Racked Up 49 Million Views

Many of you know what Hell the last year has been for my family. I ask that you share this short video. I believe we must not remain silent, and instead shine a light in this dark subject.

Posted by Catherine St. Germain on Friday, April 8, 2016

A Colorado mom's Facebook video warning to single mothers everywhere has gone viral — for good reason. Catherine St. Germain posted a video of herself holding up notecards telling the story of her 15-year-old daughter's sexual abuse at the hands of Catherine's now-ex-husband. On the cards, Catherine urges single mothers to check the sex offender registry to ensure their families are safe.

"Monsters look and act normal. They are very good at hiding who they really are," she shared. "They are the people we trust with our kids every day. All single moms should check the National Sex Offender Registry."

She posted the video on her personal Facebook page last Friday hoping for a few shares. "I had less than 200 friends on Facebook when I posted this video, I was hoping for maybe 50 shares," she told Fox 31 Denver. Little did she know, it would be seen around the world. Today, it has been viewed more than 49 million times — yes, 49 million!

People across the world are now sharing their stories of sexual abuse and their disgust that Catherine's ex-husband only received a 90-day jail sentence and eight years of sex offender probation.

"I keep saying I didn't do anything brave, my kid did," Catherine told KUSA. "My kid did the bravest thing. She spoke out against the person who sexually assaulted her within 24 hours."

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