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Mom's Song About Sleep Deprivation

This Mom's Taylor Swift Remix About Being Sleep Deprived Is Gonna Be Your New Anthem

Sleep Deprivation

**New Video!! EEK!** Who else is Team No Sleep? This one’s for you! ...and you and you and you...

Posted by Mary Katherine Backstrom on Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mary Katherine Backstrom of the popular blog Mom Babble knows damn well that sleep deprivation and motherhood go together like peanut butter and jelly, so she decided to make light of her lack of slumber with a hysterical song parody. The mother of two remixed the lyrics of Taylor Swift's hit song "End Game," altering the words to focus on how she's going "insane" because she "hasn't slept in eight days."

With the instrumental version of TSwift's Reputation song playing in the background, she sings, "Sleep deprivation, sleep deprivation . . . ooo, this mama's hurtin' for a nap and vacation / I could use a little sleep, but my kids need me." Later on in the remix, she croons, "I don't wanna snuggle / I just wanna be layin' in my bed with no one next to me." Ha, same! Mary Katherine used a handful of pajama-donning mom friends and kiddos as backup dancers, and the results are nothing short of hilarious.

For all those caffeine-reliant (and wine-reliant, for that matter) mamas out there, cheers to finding your new anthem! Watch Mary Katherine's painfully accurate, Grammy-worthy parody in the video above.

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