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Mom Upset Over Sexist Fisher-Price Toy

1 Mom Is Fuming Over This Sexist Toy Aimed at Girls

"It's 2016 people. Fisher-Price needs to step it the F up and show women working in all types of fields and in leadership roles," writes Gina Zuk Gerber in a post to Facebook sharing a photo of a Little People toy aimed at young girls. The toy, a pink-and-white SUV, comes with a "a clearly mom-looking figure" and the tagline, "Time for yoga and a smoothie!" — and Gerber isn't very happy about it.

My son's favorite toys growing up were Little People. I always just grabbed the fire truck or barn and didn't think much about it. Today when shopping for toys for Anna I was disgusted to see the "girl" versions of Little People. The only ones with all girl figures were all smothered in pink and purple, they worked in interesting places like the "home," and they all lacked the multiple educational elements the "boys" toys had.

After publicly sharing the post to Facebook, it's clear that Gerber isn't the only person who feels so strongly about this line of "girly" toys — her commenters are just as riled up. "Because all women do is yoga and sip smoothies," one wrote. "Oh, Fisher-Price, you screwed up big time!"

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