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Mom Uses Stroller Cup Holder For Wine Bottle

Genius Mom Discovers Most Practical Use For the Cup Holder on Her Baby's Stroller

Many strollers come equipped with a cup holder to keep a child's juice from hitting the floor repeatedly, or to give mama a place to store her water bottle to keep hydrated. But let's be honest, your kid doesn't need their own cup holder, and exactly what kind of parenting problem is water going to solve when your kid decides to throw a tantrum about absolutely nothing?

In a brilliant post to Facebook, the Mother Pukka page shared a photo of a darling, screaming child in their stroller, and visible in the cup holder: a full bottle of wine. "LIFE: Who gives a monkey's what anyone else thinks of your parenting?" the caption reads. "This one's for the new mamas out there."

So grab your bottle of wine, and reconsider that afternoon stroll with your screaming kiddo. And hats off to this dad who has also discovered the true value of the stroller cup holder:

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