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Momma Moonflower's Instagram Post About Postpartum Bodies

"I Don't Think I've Ever Been More Comfortable": How 1 Mom Is Owning Her Postpartum Body

Across social media platforms, women are embracing their postpartum bodies and inspiring other women to do the same. One mom of three recently took to Instagram to celebrate her body and its ability to give birth to her third child.

The mom, who goes by Momma Moonflower on Instagram, expressed feeling more confident with her postpartum body than she had after giving birth to her two previous children. "I feel good about my appearance," she said. "I have no intention of doing anything about anything for quite a while. Why should I? There is nothing wrong with my body right now."

Instead of feeling ashamed of her changing body, she used words like "empowered," "proud," and "comfortable" to describe her current self-esteem. She also said that's how she should have felt after her previous pregnancies.

Read the full motivational post above.

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