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Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Kids 2018

We're Calling It Now: These Are the Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Kids This Year

Image Source: Cation Designs

Year after year, little ghosts, mummies, and witches run around screaming "Trick or treat!" as they wander through their neighborhoods carrying pumpkin-shaped candy buckets — but every year, there's a slew of costumes that make everyone say, "Yup, expected as much," for a different reason. Between all of the popular new movies, TV shows, books, and video games from the year, there are always a ton of new favorite characters to pretend to be each Oct. 31. From Fortnite characters to a select few trendy animals, we're calling it now: the following costumes are going to be the most popular of the year.

Just be sure that if your child's asking to dress in one of these costumes that they're sure it's the one they truly want — because shopping for a Halloween ensemble with indecisive kids is one of the worst parts of the holiday.

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