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Mother Didn't Know She Was Pregnant and Gives Birth

A Mother Discovers She's Pregnant as She Gives Birth to Her Fourth Child

Many expectant moms have a good estimate of when their babies will arrive, but Mandie Smith's childbirth took a slightly different turn. When the West Virginia mother woke up in the middle of the night to what she thought was abdominal pains, she discovered she was actually in labor. The mom of three delivered a healthy fourth child, a son, and said, "Nobody believes it. Everybody's in shock." Her husband, who was away on a business trip and tuned in to the birth via FaceTime, said, "I'm still kind of in shock. It was just a split second and tears of joy." Prior to the arrival of her baby, the new mom reported that she didn't gain much weight and did not have a regular menstrual cycle. Although Mandie's mysterious pregnancy seems rare, a British study estimated that one "surprise" occurs out of 2,500 births.

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