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Mother in Philippines Posts Facebook Photos of Baby on Leash

This Mom's Disturbing Facebook Post Sparked an International Rescue Attempt

When a mother in the Philippines posted a series of sickening photos of child abuse on her Facebook page, she didn't expect child advocates from across the globe to get involved . . . but thank goodness that's what happened. The disturbing images, captioned "my pet baby," featured the woman's naked toddler crudely leashed around the neck and eating pellets from a dog bowl. The post caught the attention of an Irish woman named Lurleen Hilliard, who immediately sprang into action to help the child. As the founder of Nolonger Victims, an organization that helps raise awareness and rescue victims of abuse, Lurleen was not about to stand for such cruelty — even if it was taking place halfway around the world.

HELP TO FIND THIS MOM & RESCUE THIS TODDLER ASAPWhen you think you have seen all types of abuse and that nothing can...

Posted by Nolonger Victims on Monday, May 25, 2015

Through serious social media investigation, Hilliard was able to find the abusive mother's country of origin; once she had this information, she contacted American authorities who then spoke with police in the Philippines. Within days, the mother was arrested and brought into custody. "Apparently, the father works for a government agency so whether they're going to try and pull some strings to allow her off with a slap on the wrist, but I'm determined that that's not going to happen," Lurleen posted to Facebook, adding, "I'm going to keep on at it and keep pressure on them for her to be charged, because it's not acceptable."

While it's a blessing that Lurleen was able to intervene from afar, she wants to do more than pat herself on the back. In the wake of the abusive post and the mother's arrest, her organization now seeks to open a branch in the Philippines to help provide aid for other victims of abuse. If successful, Nolonger Victims could help prevent other horrific situations like this one.

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