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Mother Takes a Photo of Her Child in a Washing Machine

Why 1 Mom Is Being Criticized For This Horrifying Photo of Her Son

There are just some photos you should never post on social media. A mother learned this lesson the hard way when she shared an image of her 2-year-old boy stuffed inside a washing machine. The image, which has since been removed from Facebook, showed her son, who has Down syndrome, crammed inside the machine with an adult's hand holding the door closed. After the 21-year-old mom posted the snap to Facebook, users quickly condemned her, with one commenter writing, "She is a scumbag. She is a nutter."

The photo caused such outrage, even the police stepped in after calls were made about the image. The mother has since spoken out and defended her actions, saying, "He is clearly laughing in the pictures. What did they think I was doing to him? Taking him for a spin?" The mom further explained that the machine was unplugged at the time and her little boy has a "washing obsession" and had even climbed into it by himself.

"It's horrible having the police at the door thinking you're a bad person," she said of the situation. "I was shocked, but in a sense I'm glad they didn't just take it as a joke and not come and see me. So I was thankful in that way."

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