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Movie Birth Scenes

Lights, Camera, Baby! 7 Iconic Birth Scenes

Movie Birth Scenes

Many A-list actresses have strapped on a baby belly and dabbed on sweat to film a birth scene, but as any real-life mom knows, birth doesn't really follow a script. Penélope Cruz has experienced birth both on and off screen, and according to her, art rarely imitates life. In an interview with W, the actress, who has filmed four birth scenes, admits that if she had the chance, she would play the part differently.

"Before, I would scream very loud during the birth. Now that I’ve actually had children, I would show 
more pain and scream less," Cruz told the magazine. "It sounds backwards and may be 
less dramatic, but more pain, smaller screaming is the reality."

She has a point. In many big-screen birth scenes, women are screaming for epidurals, but they don't always look like they need it. Yet, we still empathize with these scene steelers. From Katherine Heigl's bare-all delivery, to the arrival of Ross and Rachel's girl, take a look at some of the most memorable onscreen births.

Do any of them mirror your labor experience?

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